Mister Softee China

Mister Softee China is the first ice cream truck to operate in mainland China.

We are the owners of Mister Softee China, which we started in Suzhou, China in 2006. The original Mister Softee was started in Philadelphia in 1956 by brothers' James and William Conway, and remains a family run business today. We (Alex, Turner, and Jeffrey) own the franchise rights to Mister Softee for China and have been operating ice cream trucks and stores in Suzhou since 2006. As of today we own and operate two stores, six trucks, and work with one franchisee.

Mister Softee China Grand Opening

Mister Softee truck on Chinese News

This is our cream truck being featured by the Suzhou news. Our trucks look a little different than the ones you may see in the US, but the ice cream products deliver the same great taste and quality we have had since 1956.

Where is Suzhou, China?

About The Mister Softee China Website

We created this website to talk about the everyday adventures of starting and running a company in China. We will be providing news, stories, and insights into our experiences in working with the Chinese government, suppliers, customers, trends, marketing, and a lot more. To catch up on the history of our company so far visit the History page, read and subscribe to our Blog, and connect with us with the links below or visit the Contact Us page.

We look forward to working with interesting people and businesses, please feel free to network with us.

About Us

Alex Conway - US Director
Alex was groomed as an ice cream man from a young age by his grandfather and father, who are the former and current owners of Mister Softee US. After attending University of Miami's business school, Alex worked at a consulting firm, a web startup and currently he works for a credit union in Hawaii. Alex is instrumental to developing the overall strategy, systems and standards for Mister Softee China and our franchisees.Alex is the main point of contact for Mister Softee China in the US.

Alex likes to travel, surf, and play golf with his fiance Aileen.

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Turner Sparks -
Managing Partner
Turner moved to China after attending University of Miami in 2004 and began teaching English. He noticed a business opportunity for ice cream trucks in China and contacted his friend from college, Alex, so the two could start exploring the idea. Turner operates our stores and trucks, runs the business development efforts, builds government relationships, and manages our local marketing and PR.

In his spare time Turner likes to travel, play basketball, and watch any Miami Hurricanes or Sacremento Kings game.

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